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Let's win together!

Ukrainian defenders are bravely fighting for our country, but they need help. Netexy joins the support - we will allocate 25% of the order to the account of the fund "Come back alive" to victory.

Let's win together!

We understand that helping the army together will be much better and more effective. Therefore, we will send a quarter of each order to the needs of the Armed Forces.

The morning of February 24 changed our lives forever. The Russian occupiers began bombing Ukrainian cities.

Shock. Anger. Hatred. Fear.

But we follow our values and help through the Return Alive Foundation.

Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to heroes!


Creative site design attracts attention

We develop websites that maintain a balance of convenience and accessibility. We use technologies that allow the site to be beautiful, original and at the same time fast and secure.

Creative site design attracts attention

Creative site design is a direct way to increase the popularity of your web resource, which attracts the target audience by turning regular users into loyal customers. We begin to design, to study the audience, its needs and use this information to create products and services that improve people's quality of life. Your business gets a new, logical and convenient tool based on a deep understanding of the user. It is special not only from the outside, but also inside, and modern functionality will allow content managers to enjoy administering the site.


We offer a wide range of functionality for eCommerce

Best Shopping Platform For Your eCommerce Website.

We offer a wide range of functionality for eCommerce

You can sell on eBay, Facebook, and Google, embed your store to other websites as a widget, add testimonials and product reviews, increase average bill with cross-selling tools, track abandoned carts, create promotions, launch email marketing, create a blog, optimize your store for search engines, edit the look and feel of your webshop pages without coding, manage the store easily with a convenient and straightforward admin panel, open an unlimited number of extra storefronts, manage product options, features, and filters, sell downloadable products, update your catalogue in a few clicks, offer your customers over 70 payment methods and 8 world’s most trusted carriers, increase conversion rate thanks to a fast mobile-friendly storefront.


A big step in the new IT history of Netexy

The Netexy platform is new in design and technology, and there is still a whole technology space ahead.

A big step in the new IT history of Netexy

Using the latest technologies and other tools for web and mobile development, we have completely rebuilt our web platform. The acquired experience and proprietary technological solutions allow Netexy to instantly process visual effects and animation.

Enjoy new technologies and solutions with Netexy!

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